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Arkansas River bore

2160' 4''HDPE wirleine

Colorado River Bore

La Grange, Texas
1100’ dual 4’’ HDPE

Ascension Parish Government

Hillaryville Pump Station

1350’ HDD 10’’ HDPE Forced Main
200’ Grouted HDD 10’’ HDPE Forced Main

Industrial Work

8" Steel
1235' Bore

Vidalia-Natchez Fiber Optic

US HWY 84 Mississippi River Bridge

4,200' Length
125' Clearance

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GRIDSource is always looking for CDL Drivers. Class D license is required, and Class A license is a plus.

We Are Hiring:

Aerial Construction personnel
Directional Drill Operators
Equipment Operators
Coax Splicers
Fiber Optic Splicers
OQ Qualified Gas Distribution Personnel 
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